Law Office

Best Lawyers in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Our office basically works by 3 different areas of service:

1.- Legal counseling and advise:


     - We provide assistance for your real estate transactions, it does not matter if you are buying or selling, you will always have the advise you need in matter​s as obtaining a secure contract, title verification, tax strategy, legal representation and, if necessary, escrow services.

     - Legal advise for writing any kind of contract and agreements, according to mexican regulations and international agreements in which Mexico is an active member.

     - Condominium management, assembly of owners, board members meetings, taxes.

     - Setting bank trusts; corporations and other entities, including non profit organizations, writing bylaws specifically focused on your interests and on your needs.

     - Environmental paperwork, beach lease permits.

2.- Litigation in areas such as:

     - Family and Civil;

     - Labor conflicts between employees and patrons.

     - Criminal representation of you have been a victim, and legal defense;

     - Administrative procedures before any governmental institution, for instance, immigration, citizenship, commercial licenses, beach lease, environmental impact projects and other areas.

3.- Real estate management:

     - Handling and paying your bills while you are out of town;

     - Writing your contracts, collecting your real estate rentals;

     - Filing your income tax reports.